The mission of the Lamson Richardson Heritage and Preservation Park is to educate people about African-American art, history, business and culture. Our primary purpose for the development of this project is to positively affect the holistic citizenry of Marshallville by improving/advancing educational opportunities, cultural, emotional, and physical well-being and renewing the pride and quality of small town living. When you leave the Lamson Richardson Heritage and Preservation Park you will be educated, inspired and motivated to quench a thirst for more!

Lamson Richardson School was indeed the hub of the city of Marshallville. Many a cheerful heart, a lifting of heavy burdens, and a countenance for hope, was begun on the grounds of Lamson Richardson. The school was the only ray of hope many students felt because there was a shortage of employment opportunities in the city. However, the citizens were happy and the support that was spread throughout the city was evident. People cared about one another and a tragedy in one family was like a death in all families. The citizens supported the cause to meet the needs of those who had suffered whatever misfortune in the city.

The school played a vital role because the younger generations saw this as their way to a better quality of life, as well as ensuring that our city would grow to offer quality life for those who chose to remain in the citizenry of Marshallville or Macon County. The educational preparation that Lamson offered gave the students alternative provisions for education. Students learned to focus on talents and abilities they had to improve their chances of a better livelihood. Lamson-Richardson meant so much to all of the citizens and those educated on the grounds hold the memories in extremely high esteem.