Anna Wade Richardson
Founded 1886 Closed 1996

Verna Walker the Founder and the Members are proud and excited about the memories we all can share about our time as students at Lamson-Richardson. For us, we believe that the school was indeed the heart of the community. This was our opportunity to show our love, pride, and commitment to being better people because of the education we received.

Now that the Founder and Members have grown into informed adults, we feel that we have a duty and a responsibility to preserve the history of our dear Lamson-Richardson Elementary School. Our foundation was believed in Marshallville as we watched our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Honestly, we do not feel our lives would be filled with the commitment we have for our fair city were it not for the education we received at Lamson. Therefore, we want to work with the community and all supporters of Marshallville in preserving the rich history of our elementary school.

Our primary purpose for the development of this project is to positively affect the holistic citizenry of Marshallville by improving/advancing educational opportunities, cultrual, emotional, and physical well-being and renewing the pride and quality of small town living.


The museum will be used for:
- After school tutoring programs for elementary and middle school students
- Local summer reading programs
- Book clubs for senior citizens
- Exercise classes for senior citizens
- Multi-purpose and break out rooms for workshops and other community centered activities such as play, concerts, and other music and art programs, academic contests
- Meeting area for fraternities and sororities and other civic and professional organizations
- Visitor's center to contribute to city's fiscal responsibilities
- Family reunions
- Dance and music lessons/instructions
- Each One Reach One Mentoring Programs
- Local boys and girls club development/activities
- City wide gatherings for building better relationships within the community
- City and County Government meetings on site
- Recreation and academic interests
- Neighborhood Watch Development and Meeting Place
- Adopt a grandparent program
- City wide vacation bible school program
- Macon County High School and D.F. Douglas Class Reunions

All in all, we feel that this project will propel Marshallville into a glorious future by helping us all remember what Lamson-Richardson meant to this community. Since our school is physically gone, our memories certainly are not! Our lives were made better by our attendance as students and we feel that we can continue to improve the lives of our future generations by affecting and creating history with this worthwhile project.

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